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Promote wellness in the local communities by providing superior patient care and education with skill, compassion and integrity.


To be a model critical access hospital, supported by a network of community-based health centers and integrated regional partners; ensuring convenient access and coordination of both primary and advanced healthcare.


The core values of Elizabethtown Community Hospital characterize the manner in which patients, staff and the community is treated by the organization: with integrity and respect. The values also define the way in which the Hospital operates: through innovation and excellence.

Integrity - all staff members are expected to be honest, dependable, dedicated and loyal to the organization, co-workers, community members and patients in their care. Staff members recognize and accept a high level of responsibility - they are comfortable relying on their skills, and each other, to perform their professional duties.

Respect - staff members conduct themselves in a professional manner; while realizing that it is important to maintain a sense of humor. Staff members treat patients, their families and their co-workers with courtesy at all times. The organization values teamwork to accomplish goals, and understands the importance of communication among staff members, with patients and with the community.

Innovation - the organization and its staff is continually striving to improve through quality initiatives, advances in technology, addition of services, education, and constant evaluation of clinical processes.

Excellence - The provision of quality healthcare to address both patient and community needs in a cost effective manner, leading to both clinical and financial success.


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Elizabethtown Community Hospital's primary care network is the county's central source for preventative, primary care. It operates community health centers in Westport, Wilmington and Elizabethtown, offering convenient access to primary care throughout the area. The health center in Elizabethtown also houses the hospital's outpatient physical therapy center.

Elizabeth Community Hospital
75 Park Street
Elizabethtown, New York 12932